the conference

Every year, on the anniversary of the death of Finn Nørgaard, the association hosts a conference at Christiansborg. Here the association  supports worthy initiatives that make a difference for kids and adolescents.


Each year this award goes to an individual who has made an especially admirable and dedicated effort for kids and adolescents, directly or indirectly. With the award follows a work grant of DKK 30.000


Our most prestigious award is named after Finn Nørgaard in his memory. In his life, Finn fought for kids and adolescents in need. Therefore, the award is given to initiatives that have made an especially big difference in that regard. With the award follows a work grant of DKK 50.000, ordinarily for a specific purpose.


Each year the association awards one or more work grants. The grants are given to worthy initiatives that can benefits particularly from financial aid. The grants ordinarily have a value of DKK 30.000 or less.

The Spirit Award 2019

Niddal El-Jabri

This year’s Spirit Award went to Niddal El-Jabri for his fight against inequality and negative social heritage. During the aftermath of the terror attacks in 2015, Niddal took initiative to create the peace ring about the jewish synagogue on Krystalgade. In 2019, Niddals work continues in Mino Danmark, a community for minority ethnic Danes.

The Spirit Award 2018

Eskild Dahl Pedersen

In 2018 the Spirit Award went to Eskild Dahl Pedersen for his tireless effort in helping disadvantaged kids and adolescents. As chief of security in Bo-Vita with Mjølnerparken as his responsibility, he is heavily involved in the community. For over a decade, he has helped and guided local adolescents towards a better future. 

“We want to continue to break down barriers through dialog."

We adults can make a lot of excellent projects for and with adolescents - but if we want it to grow into something good, the young people need to be able to see the purpose and meaning behind putting in time and effort. De Nye Stemmer are young jews and muslims, that don't just want to be a part of the project - they carry the project - they ARE the project.

Recommend an initiative

If you know of an initiative that deserves recognition, we want to hear from you. Please send us an email using the address below.